ChromaDex - About ChromaDex Ingredients
ChromaDex - About ChromaDex Ingredients

About ChromaDex Ingredients


ChromaDex® is an innovative natural products company that discovers, acquires, develops and commercializes proprietary-based ingredient technologies through its unique business model which utilizes its wholly-owned synergistic business units, including ingredient technologies, natural product fine chemicals (known as “phytochemicals”), chemistry and analytical testing services  and product regulatory and safety consulting (as Spherix Consulting).  The Company provides seamless science-based solutions to the dietary supplement, food & beverage, animal health, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. Our ingredient technologies unit includes products backed with extensive scientific research and intellectual property. The ingredient portfolio includes pTeroPure® pterostilbene; ProC3G®, a natural black rice containing cyanidin-3-glucoside; PURENERGY®, a caffeine-pTeroPure co-crystal and NIAGEN®, its recently launched branded nicotinamide riboside, a novel next-generation B-vitamin.

pTeroPure® Pterostilbene

pTeroPure® is a formulation of 99% pure all-trans pterostilbene.  Pterostilbene, like resveratrol, is a natural compound found in small berries that acts as part of the plant’s defense system. Pterostilbene is believed by many experts to show great promise for supporting heart health, cognitive function, anti-aging, weight loss and other metabolic disorders. Pterostilbene has superior biological activity, better oral bioavailability and metabolizes more slowly in the body than other antioxidant polyphenols (substances from plants that tend to prevent or neutralize the damaging effects of free radicals), resulting in more prolonged antioxidant activity.

pTeroPure® was recently named the 2010 North American Most Promising Ingredient of the Year by the prestigious independent research company, Frost & Sullivan, and is included in the formulations of over 30 nutraceutical products currently on the market as well as in several food products.

ChromaDex® holds exclusive worldwide patents rights for manufacturing and use of pterostilbene based on technology licensed from the University of Mississippi and the USDA for indications such as hearth health, memory improvement, anxiety, and neuroprotection. The first clinical trial was completed by the University of Mississippi’s Medical Center and its findings were presented at the American Heart Association’s High Blood Pressure Research 2012 Scientific Session on September 20, 2012. 

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NIAGEN® Nicotinamide Riboside (NR)


NIAGEN® is a nature-identical and the first and only commercially-available nicotinamide riboside (NR) with four patents issued or pending. NR is found natural in milk, similar in structure and function to niacin and is a precursor to NAD+, using a more efficient pathway of delivery to the body, boosting NAD+ levels.

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PURENERGY® Caffeine-pTeroPure® Co-crystal

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PURENERGY®  is the clinically studied, patent-protected caffeine ingredient that is a combination of ~43% caffeine and ~57% pTeroPure® pterostilbene. The technology-driven fusion of caffeine and pTeroPure provides a novel next-generation caffeine alternative.

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ProC3G® Cyanidin-3-glucoside

Cyanidin 3-glucoside (C3G) is from a natural source of black rice and is ~35% C3G by weight, with an additional 5% other anthocyanins. It contains 10 times more C3G than the leading standardized bilberry extract. C3G is one of the most studied and bioactive anthocyanins.

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anthopure® Technology

In July 2008, ChromaDex® entered into a world-wide license agreement with the Research Foundation of the State University of New York, on behalf of the University at Buffalo (SUNY Buffalo), to commercialize AnthoPure, a novel process technology which selectively manufactures specific anthocyanins using a patented fermentation technology. Commercial scale-up is currently underway.

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