ChromaDex - pTeroPure
ChromaDex - pTeroPure


99% Pure Nature-Identical Form of trans-Pterostilbene (tero-STILL-bean)

What is pTeroPure®?

  •   A pure (>99%) all-trans pterostilbene with seven patents issued or pending
  •   Only pterostilbene with sanctioned human clinical trials
  •  Only pterostilbene with GRAS status
  •  Has significant advantages over resveratrol:
    • Superior bioavailability - 80% vs. 20%
    • 7 Times longer half-life in the body
    • Greater oral absorption & metabolic stability
    • 2-4 Times greater cellular uptake

What are the health benefits of pterostilbene?

Heart Health*

  •  Promotes heart health by helping to maintain healthy systolic and diastolic   blood pressure levels already within normal ranges*
  •  Supports healthy blood flow and circulation*

 Cognitive Function*

  • May improve memory and mental focus*
  • May enhance mood and feeling of well-being*
  • Calming, may reduce stress, anxiety and nervous tension*

Blood Sugar/Weight Management*

  •  May help support healthy blood sugar levels by raising the body’s production of insulin*
  • Supports healthy metabolism and helps regulate the body’s use of energy*
  • May support a healthy weight loss program*

Anti-aging Antioxidant*

  • May help fight free radicals caused by oxidative stress*
  • Supports healthy cellular aging with powerful antioxidant activities*

Sports Nutrition*

  •  Promotes nitric oxide synthesis via ENOS pathway*
  •  May advance healthy recovery*
  • May improve mitochondria function*

2010 Frost & Sullivan Most Promising Ingredient Award Recipient

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* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.