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Phytochemical Reference Standards

At ChromaDex, we are constantly updating our extensive catalog. If you cannot find a compound, grade or unit size that you need, please contact a ChromaDex expert for further info.

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As the importance of natural products continues to increase, so will the need for phytochemical reference standards. ChromaDex offers the largest selection of well characterized phytochemical reference standards in the industry and our catalog continues to grow.

ChromaDex offers varying levels of characterization and product grades from fully-characterized primary standards suitable for quantitative testing to reagent grade materials for basic research.

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0001: Reference Standard Product Grades
0003: Reference Standard Recovery and Dilution
0009: Understanding Expiration Dates
0012: Shipping and Storage Conditions
0013: Hydrates and Salts
0015: Extinction Coefficients
0023: Reference Standard Fill Weight
0025: Reference Standard Production & Lead Time
0026: cGMP Reference Standard Requirements
0027: Return Instructions