Submit Analytical Testing Samples

For a video tutorial of submitting a services testing order, please Click Here.

If you need further help, click here for written instructions.

Follow these simple instructions to submit samples using Analytical Testing

1. Search the ChromaDex Website for the service you would like to purchase, or click the "Submit Analytical Testing Samples" button at the end of these instructions.

2. Select the Services tab, and enter the quantity of Samples you would like to have tested by ChromaDex Laboratories. Click "Add" to add the items to your cart.

3. A new window will appear, with the same number of lines as you entered in Quantity for the last step. Here you will enter the pertinent details for each sample. You may also include any supporting documentation for each sample by clicking the Attach icon.

4. If submitting more than one sample, you may click the Copy icon to copy the previously filled in details (except the attachments) to the next line, and change the pertinent details for the next sample.

5. Click the Add/Update button to add the items into your Cart.

6. You may then continue on the website until you are prepared to check out. When you are ready to check out, please click My Cart in the upper right hand corner.

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Submit Analytical Testing Samples